We’re creating a book.

By Ross Coverdale

If you’ve been following us on social media over the last six months or so, you may have noticed that our content has been focusing on disruptive innovation – we also made a decision towards the end of last year that has been driving a lot of our research and actions so far.

Too often in content marketing there is a loose diary that is strung together a few weeks in advance that is sometimes, but not always, kept to consistently. We’ve been guilty of that ourselves and we’re happy to put our hands up and say that we’ve sometimes struggled to keep to plan on that front too!

In a nutshell, we’re creating a book.


There are a million and one different ways to plan but we decided to start with the end in mind. In order to do this properly it has taken a little bit of time to map out this structure, and it took a few months in the very beginning to even get the first few blog posts out – there was a lot of research, and a lot of thought that went into our positioning and perspective.

Rather than disappearing into a room and writing a book, protecting our ideas until they are ready to release upon the world, we’re taking an alternative approach. Over the last six months we have been laying out some of the groundwork, and trialling and testing different ideas and viewpoints to explore our universe.

Long may this approach continue.

We will be sharing our ideas, our thinking, and our process out in the open right here on this blog, sharing the journey as we go.

We have been talking a lot about the increasing importance of networks in business and society, and with this in mind it makes so much sense for us to place networks at the very core of this book and how it will be created.

We are looking to leverage our extensive network to test, develop and flesh out our ideas – as I said, we could disappear into a room and write thousands of words, but we want to make sure that this content is relevant to our audience, including our customers and our employees past, present and future.

So what are we focusing on now?

Our world is, from a micro perspective, recruitment. We’ve realised that this sits within larger systems of the job market and business landscape (the macro perspective) and this change in thinking has led us to explore ideas and theories relating to the impact that increased connectedness has in modern business.


A lot of the business books you’ll find on the market focus mainly on US companies or global brands, which is all fine and well, but we know that there is a lot of innovation happening in this country, with amazing people doing amazing things – we want to help shed a light on this as part of our project.

Our direction has changed since we started, and the amount we have learned by this experimental approach has been incredibly valuable – not only by looking at metrics such as clicks, retweets and so on, but by having real conversations online and offline with people that would otherwise never have taken place.

It’s not a problem if we are wrong in some of our assumptions, but it becomes a problem if we don’t explore them.

Our blog posts and white papers are not just a means to share our content in small chunks; as the book develops we can use this approach to really push our ideas forward and improve them, rather than simply ticking a box validating our own thinking.

Right at this second we don’t know exactly what format this book will take – we could look for a book deal with a publisher, we could self-publish, or release it as an ebook. Alternatively, we could create a series of magazine-style shorter form content, or a video series, or we could explore other new and innovative possibilities.

This doesn’t really matter so much at this point, but I’ll tell you something – it is really exciting.

If you want to know more or have a chat about this project get in touch – drop us a mail (marketing@headresourcing.com) or you can also find me on Twitter (@radcoverdale).

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  • As a business associate of Head, am happy to help you guys however I can through insights and experience – this sounds and interesting and exciting project – David McBride

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