The worst thing about being a recruiter

By Amanda MacDonald

Placing people who are perfect for their new job gives me a brilliant feeling. Finding someone who is actively looking because they have either lost their job or they are not enjoying their current place of work, and getting them into a place they love, is great – I don’t think people realise how unhappy they were in their old job until they experience being happy at work! Getting a new job can be a life-changing experience and having the chance to be a part of that is incredibly satisfying.

Obviously, being in recruitment can be stressful at times – some things are out of your control (and for someone who is a bit of a control freak, this isn’t good!) but the worst thing in my opinion is other people’s perceptions of what we do. I think there are some cowboy recruiters out there but a lot of people have taken a stereotype and tarred us all with the same brush – we’re really not all just in it to make a fast buck and put sales figures on the board.

I can understand where this feeling comes from, and I appreciate why people think like that, but here we don’t work that way at all. Yes, we have commercial obligations, and yes, we earn a fee from placing people with our clients, but we’re not there just to take a slice of the cake – perhaps (for the cowboys) it’s greed, or being too lazy or not caring enough to do a good job that has created this breed of bad recruiters.

However, in my experience of working at Head, we don’t take on anything that we can’t deliver, and due to our solid relationships we have with our clients we don’t ever (and I mean ever) cold call or harass people to fill their jobs. For us it’s about working in partnership with our clients and getting them the best candidates for their roles. I’ve had people hang up on me on the phone with sweeping statements about how ‘all recruiters are [expletive]…’ and despite having a fairly thick skin to deal with situations like that, it’s always disappointing – it’s a real shame that the recruitment industry has this stigma attached to it. At the end of the day, if you get a call from someone at Head for a role that we are working on, it’s because the skills and experience you have is greatly matched to that of what our clients are looking for, and we believe that it would be a good opportunity for you. We genuinely have your interests at heart and if you’re not interested, that’s okay too!

Also, we’re not just there to help our clients – we really do take pride in helping people find a new role. We help candidates in a number of ways; from helping them spruce up their CV, to preparing for interviews, or offering other advice around career development. I feel that a lot of people underestimate themselves on their CV, and I believe that we help bring out the best in all the candidates that we put forward to our clients.

Now with this in mind, do you still think that we’re out there just to make a quick buck?

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