The lean startup content process

By Ross Coverdale As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re writing a book. We’ve been producing a lot of content on our blog throughout the year, alongside our white papers, but the core purpose of this is not just so we can produce some shiny stuff.

We have been engaging with people in our industry on a completely different level to what they might expect from a recruitment partner, and long may these types of discussions continue (and between you and me, they’re far more interesting!) :)

These conversations are paramount, and by drawing on these online and offline interactions, combined with our own research and insights, we aim to develop content in such a way so that it is relevant, informative, but most importantly actually adds value to the people in our community. To achieve this we’ve had to change our process so that the audience is involved throughout every stage.

With this in mind, this post is going to let you in on our planning process – and how we’ve adopted an approach that draws parallels with the lean startup model that we hinted at in Visual Thinking: Do you see our point?

Starting with the end in mind

1-xVJgk7SHz1RSjvXJBAP1cw As you’ll see here, our small chunks are right here on the blog (and on YouTube), and the bigger chunks are our white papers – rather than looking solely at the here and now, we looked towards a future goal and worked backwards. (Click image below to expand) 1-o5tb27xna20Uns0IiBwWKQ We said in our previous postnever assume to know anything – and by using this model it was really clear that we had to get the ideas out of our heads as quickly as possible and into the hands of our audience, to see what was working – and equally what wasn’t – to help shape the way that we carried on. 1-YOHL6-w2MbQkLNAsut4dCg The thing about this process is that rather than writing, amending, editing, designing, more editing, polishing, revising and publishing, and calling that the final stage in the process, is that you accept that every stage is an experiment – this means that we can be a lot more agile in the way we release our content.

Be part of the experiment!

In order for us to validate our experiments we have to gather as much feedback as we can – we’ve had some great comments from clients and other contacts so far, but we refuse to be complacent! Hit us up with any thoughts you have on our process – we’d love to chat. If Twitter is more your thing, give me a shout on there too! (@radcoverdale)

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