The Grass IS sometimes Greener…sometimes!


By Huw Martin

Last Thursday evening we held our quarterly review in Angels Share in Edinburgh.  The review is a chance for our offices and teams to get together, review performance, outputs and progress against our critical goals but also let our hair down and bond over some food and drinks.

On Friday morning, thankfully everyone was in, working hard and apart from the size of the bacon roll order you’d not know there was a work event the night before! Like all things in a business, things evolve and change (as do people) and our reviews are evolving each time and hopefully getting better.

We had representations from all teams/offices/directors,  reviewing our critical goals, plans for next quarter and wider ambitions of each team in our business and what contributions are being committed to over the rest of the year.  As always the presentations were informal, fun and to me (although biased) would have given a great impression of our company irrespective of who was in the audience.

What did strike me though as I was presenting the summary of our (excellent) quarter to date, was that we are so fortunate to have so many people in our business who continually invest so much time, energy and hard work in our journey to date.

Retention is key!

Staff retention is such an important part of running a good business and for me its always been a hugely key metric of our staff engagement. Yes we will make mistakes, yes there will be decisions that are not universally loved by all, however the overriding motivation for all decisions is to protect and grow the business, to help our clients & candidates and ensure good careers for all employees.

Prior to the review I met the MD of another UK wide recruitment business for a coffee and unprompted he began singing the praises of our company and our reputation in the Scottish marketplace. It was interesting to hear from a peer in the market as we get so focused on our own worlds that sometimes fail to take a step back and look from the outside.

The Grass is sometimes greener…

Its fair to say that in a growing business we will lose people along the way (and that’s not a bad thing)! The grass is sometimes greener indeed and there are people we have reluctantly lost over the years who have gone on to great things (usually outside recruitment) and we always wish them well.  There are also a couple of examples where people have left and then after a period of time have asked to come back. This has happened more than once and shows to me that whilst there are many reasons people chose to move on, there are many good reasons to stay or indeed return.

It’s clear you can’t keep people forever and its good that we don’t however most in a leadership role in our company have started in different roles throughout the company and worked their way up over time by delivering results and having the right attitude and approach to customer service.

Our quarterly review highlighted again that whilst we’re never going to keep everyone happy all the time, we’re a really good business with brilliant people who really give a sh… er…. who CARE about our company, clients & candidates.

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  • Well done for building a culture that (most) people want to stick around for. Great work! Hey, isn’t there a saying that goes something like… “The grass is always greener on the other side, because it is fertilised with bull something something”?

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