Creative decision-making: How we decide what to write about

By Ross Coverdale

If you’ve been following our content outputs over the course of this year you may have noticed that we’re taking a slightly different approach to a recruitment blog.

You don’t have to look far to find plenty of advice around how to write a CV, what to wear to your next job interview, how to maintain healthy work-life balance, and so on.

While these are interesting areas to discuss, and they’re very obviously relevant to us and our customers, we figured we could do better – after all, this sort of stuff is being covered by lots of people all over the world – so after a lot of experimentation, research, and speaking to people in our marketplace, we’re on a new track that offers something new to the recruitment space.


We want to share our knowledge, our experiences, and our insight in a way that adds value – The 21st Century Networking Handbook is just one example of this value-add approach.

This doodle by Scott Torrance takes you through our idea-generation process (click to expand):


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We want your opinions!

What’s important for us is constantly challenging ourselves, in our ideas and in the way that we deliver those ideas – and we can only do this by listening to our audience!

We’d love your feedback – say hello on Twitter, or leave us a comment below.

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